Engineers Week 2021

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Engineers week 2021

Engineers Week 2021

Hamilton Bennett, a 35-year old scientist, and her team at Moderna worked tirelessly to engineer a covid vaccine1. The keyword I want you to focus on is Engineer.

Engineers play a pivotal role in our everyday lives. They deserve recognition.

Engineers Week is February 21st through the 27th, and the theme is Imagining Tomorrow. Part of being able to imagine tomorrow is to recognize the opportunities of today. There are so many different types of engineers – with specialization in the fields of biomedical & biosystems engineering, aerospace, agricultural, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, industrial, manufacturing, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, and materials science – and the critical need right now is exposure to the opportunities that exist in these fields. According to Discover Engineering (, “74% of educators agree that students don’t have many chances to meet engineers.” But we can change that.

In fact, Empowering Pumps & Equipment has been working to change that for several years, by highlighting role models each week. Several of them have been included throughout this issue, though we invite you to keep up with us on social media to ‘meet’ and interact with them through our #PumpTalk Community!

During #EWeek2021, we invite you to participate. Every individual can make a difference. Consider being a virtual role model through DiscoverE or by being part of our Industry Person of the Week series. The great thing about Engineers Week is that you can participate remotely so that you can meet your personal safety needs, while still making an impact for girls and boys across communities and backgrounds.

We invite you to celebrate engineers and their contributions. Tag them on social media along with @empoweringpumps and @DiscoverEorg with a simple ‘Thanks!’ message so we can recognize the talented people we have working in our engineering communities.

Use social media to tag and highlight those companies that are taking action to work directly in / with their communities to introduce the next generation to engineering. Engineering is the key to imagining tomorrow, but we need to take action today.


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